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Nature Notes: 6/27/12 aka 6/22 (steinfels calendar!)

A bumper crop of fire flies. Also of ferns. Any connection? Spring flowers profuse in April. Just last week the mountain laurel were all over the place and are now fading while the elderberry are flowering.Looking back, I see that I was reporting fire flies in May last year. Wasn't here in May this year, so no comparisons but this year!!! Very glitzy.

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In the West, everything early early.Drought continues, but local fruit trees (well tended) producing lots -I don't want to see another cherry pie or cobbler this year!

Is Margaret clairvoyant? June 27 hasn't arrived yet.

Not the fireworks we had last year; I think the fireflies hatched early for Michigan due to hot weather. So, don't know if we'll have a profusion at the end of June/early July as usual, or a longer, less spectacular season. I can see a few winking at me right now. It's twilight, and they're in the lavender. Very pretty.I have a wren and a woodpecker, at least two rival crow families and some incredibly obnoxious blue jays. Am feeding a stray cat. Beautiful black male who's got some notches in his ears and needs to be neutered, vaccinated, etc. I call him Edgar because Raber has said "nevermore" to more than two cats at a time. Raber, however, can be worn down over time with quantities of fresh pesto and sweet Italian sausage.

Two tiny baby deer out the back window early this morning. The wonder of seeing the delicate pattern of dots on the babies is overwhelming the loss of some of our plants. Chipmunks have overrun the our yards and a pair have sublet a room under our porch to a woodchuck. I don't mind the chipmunks - unlike the mice, they never come in the house. The woodchuck scares me a bit.Lots of fireflies - They looked like satellites streaking across the sky at our observing night.

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