The meaning of an advertisement

Bad Ad

In your January 11, 2013, issue, you ran an advertisement for a film produced by Catholics for Choice. Why would you publish something promoting an anti-Catholic, proabortion movie? I know it makes Commonweal appear broad-minded, but many practicing Catholics think it makes you look foolish, and that printing such an ad is disrespectful to sincere Catholics.

Laurence Burns
Grand Rapids, Mich.

Out of Context

I was profoundly saddened to find a full-page advertisement from Catholics for Choice (CFC) on the inside front cover of your January 11 issue. I rely on Commonweal for a deeper examination of the joys and anguishes one encounters as a Catholic. To find this ad in your magazine—for a group as antithetical to Catholic teaching as is CFC—does not bode well for the direction of the magazine. The ideas promoted by Catholics for Choice should be considered only in the context of an editorial or an article. Running the ad represents a conflict of interest because advertisers regularly direct the content of magazines by underwriting their production. I want to see the continued, Catholic, unbiased search for truth that I associate with Commonweal. On...

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