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Inconvenient News

Terry Eagleton’s essay on Nietzsche, “An Unbelieving Age” (March 21), made for bracing Lenten reading. I fear that my own thinking about the church and the Scriptures often fits into Eagleton’s category of “hubristic humanism.” Distracted by its poetry and history, I find it all too easy to forget that the Gospel is the story of God’s willing death

But there have always been a few who not only get it but actually live it, and somehow the church still manages, at times, to communicate the “grossly inconvenient news” that we must change our lives.

Of what might such a change consist? In her recent book Resisting Structural Evil, Cynthia Moe-Lobeda offers Christian responses to the Union of Concerned Scientists’ call for religion to evoke “a new ethic…for caring for ourselves and for the earth.” I recommend the book to anyone who was as inspired as I was by Eagleton’s piece.

Elizabeth Poreba

New York, N.Y.

The Least of These

Thank you for publishing Terry Eagleton’s “An Unbelieving Age.” If I understand him correctly, in the end he claims that the solution to the hypocrisy of religion rests in a practicing of the gospel of the poor and the...

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