Letters: Syria, Same-Sex Marriage, Christians & Politics

Life & Death

Joseph Bottum’s important, common-sense article, “The Things We Share: A Catholic’s Case for Same-sex Marriage” (September 13), has elicited scores of responses. As a result, readers may have missed the far more significant article by Gabriel Said Reynolds on Christian support for the Assad regime in Syria, as well as for the terrorist organization Hezbollah. Reynolds is both balanced and authoritative.

Justus George Lawler

St. Charles, Ill.


Pauline Principle

In his brilliant article, Joseph Bottum argues for U.S. Catholics to accept same-sex marriage as a gamble that may well enhance the institution of marriage itself. Catholic bishops will not be convinced, he says, because they believe it is wrong; he implies that this opposition is based on natural law, “a grand, beautiful, and extremely delicate structure of rationality.” But that’s not their rationale: Scripture seems to condemn homosexuality.

In Romans 1, Paul seems to view homosexuality as a punishment for turning away from God. But is that the correct reading? In putting gay people on this earth, isn’t God testing the limits of our Christian love? If so, Paul may be read in a different light. He is inveighing...

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