Keep them off! UPDATE

This is a minor and local complaint (in the face of war and mayhem), but I was very sorry to see that Fox and Time-Warner Cable have agreed to a contractin whichT-W subscribers (we are one) will be shoveling more money to Rupert Murdoch and his idiot enterprise."In tense negotiations with Time Warner Cable, Fox had demanded about a dollar a subscriber per month, far more than other stations have received. Time Warner Cable thought 30 cents was more reasonable, said people briefed on the talks who insisted on anonymity because the specifics of the talks were confidential."Most likely, the two companies reached a compromise on the price, but both refused to comment Friday on the figure." expiating on the subject over the holiday, questions like, "What about the Simpsons? What about college foorball?" were lobbed back. My riposte: "give it up!"Update: In Monday's Times: "Next Up on Cable TV, Higher Bill for Consumers." Read all about it: here you can read the comments of irate New Yorkers:

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