You tell me the day is not now

and I try to enliven my cough

to make sure I’m alive.

That’s how noise is,

and how a hundred violins

playing in unison

can elicit applause.

I know how birds fly

and trees seem to revive

to help define the new season

just as you slip into a woolen sweater

declaring the cold is something

anyone can feel.

Believe me, the antelopes

have no nation

and empires decline to a midden

while justice is better than anything

anyone has ever tried.

—Jack Lindeman

About the Author

Jack Lindeman was born in Philadelphia, served three years in the army, and has taught at Lincoln University, Temple University, and Kutztown State University. His most recent book is Lincoln: The Black Man’s Advocate. His poems have appeared in various literary magazines including Blue Unicorn, CommonSense2, Freshwater, the Kerf, and Rambunctious Review. He has published two books of poetry, Twenty-One Poems and As If, which was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

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