Health Care

America Shifts Left

Republicans took a step back from the tea party. An ebullient progressive was elected mayor of New York. And a Democrat was elected governor of Virginia.

Don't Give Up on the Uninsured

States that created their own healthcare exchanges and expanded Medicaid coverage are providing insurance to tens of thousands of customers.

Please, Can We Govern Now?

Our nation escaped the worst. But there were consequences to the decision of a craven House Republican leadership that knew it was picking a fight it could not win.


The vast majority of Americans are outraged that some in Congress are endangering the economic security of the nation in pursuit of a narrow ideological agenda.

The Tea Party's Last Stand

Obama and Democrats are done with being intimidated by the use of extra-constitutional means to extort concessions the right cannot win through normal legislation.

A Good Start

There's no reason to expect rollout of the ACA to go smoothly, but the overall prognosis is bright and the first exchange insurance prices are lower than expected.

Mission Accomplished

The Republican right still does not accept the legitimacy of Barack Obama's presidency. This is why much of the government shut down.

The Shutdown’s Real Goal

Battles over budgets and Obamacare involve a showdown over the role of government in stemming rising inequality and making our country a more fair and decent place.

Kentucky Care Package, Delivered

Can a Catholic and public hospital pact in Louisville provide a template for other communities seeking to save their hospitals?

'Like a Shadow'

I have attended many births but this was the first time I had to help a woman deliver a baby we both knew would be dead.

Libertarianism's Achilles' Heel

Libertarians have the virtue of a clear creed. They can keep hold up their dream of perfection because, as a practical matter, it will never be tried in full.

Obama's Season of Challenge

What is President Obama fighting for? How he answers will have more to do with his success or failure than all the Republican congressional investigations combined.
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