Great News Day!...

...for schadenfreud.

NYTimes offers a check-list for most of what went wrong between Mayor de Blasio and the police. Revealing.... And it quotes police sympathetic to the mayor, though not his less than "A" performance, really almost "D" minus!

The Jewish Daily Forward offers a full analysis of PM Netanyahu's off and then on again decision to march in Paris on Sunday. Let's just say President Hollande was not welcoming. And let's note Netanyahu is big on trying to convince French Jews to move to Israel. The bottom line: President Abbas, who wasn't going, went and got in the front line, a book-end to Netanyahu at the other end (at least in the front page photos). There is a nice side-bar:  "Je Suis Bibi."

And, of course, the Republicans are attacking Obama for not going, but then they would have criticized him for going, if he had!

Margaret O’Brien Steinfels is a former editor of Commonweal. 

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