Commonweal’s coverage of the Super Bowl has been, er, spotty over the years. That is about to change. This year’s game, to be played on January 28, will feature the Baltimore Ravens against the New York Giants. The Ravens, as is well known, are a small heretical sect unable to embrace the full truth of football (especially on offense). The unicity and salvific universality of the Giants are self-evident. As a not-for-profit publication we cannot, of course, endorse either team. In a pluralistic age, many football denominations are free to flourish. But as Dominus Iesus reminds us, there is a difference between faith in the Giants and mere belief in other teams. Objectively speaking, other professional football teams are in a gravely deficient situation in comparison with the fullness of salvation offered to the Giants fan. Conversion to the Giants cause is what the true football faith requires. Go therefore unto all nations and make them disciples.

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