Egypt--another interesting development, actually more than one

Politico has this analysis of U.S. neocons take on Egypt: "As Israeli leaders worriedly eye the protests and street battles in neighboring Egypt, theyve been dismayed to find that the neoconservatives and hawkish Democrats who are usually their most reliable American advocates are cheering for Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's fall."Interesting observations on the Mubarak "supporters" from Ha'aretz:"The big question is who the thousands of Mubarak supporters are. Al Jazeera alleged they were plainclothes security people tasked with dispersing the huge demonstration in the square, especially in view of the reduced number of demonstrators on Wednesday. Other sources also suggested police detectives and security forces. But apart from undercover security men, who were the others? For example, Egypt's state television channel reported that the camel riders were laborers from the area around the Pyramids protesting the damage to their livelihood."And this at TPM. "Hubris"And Timothy Garton Ash does the 1989 comparison

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