Consolation, lively parishes, McCain vs. Obama


Thank you for John Wilkins’s moving piece on suffering (“Hope Without Illusion,” August 15). Suffering has always been a mystery to me. Indeed, it has been a difficult stumbling block—particularly the suffering of children. I used to beg God for an answer. Then one night at Eucharistic adoration, it dawned on me that there is “no ‘Christian answer’ to suffering,” as Wilkins put it. I looked upon the cross and saw a just man suffering and dying for no reason. Why? Christ came, stripped of everything, out of love—not to explain suffering or to give a reason for suffering or to justify suffering. He came to suffer with us. We are one with him in our suffering so that we may rise with him in new life. Just as he did, so we must do. That was consolation beyond all my belief. We are never alone. And as Christ is with us, we must be with all who suffer, so that they never feel alone.

Houston, Tex.



I appreciated Fr. Andrew Greeley’s article “Signs of Life” (August 15). Much of what he writes of his experiences in Tucson and Chicago is reflected in my own parish, St. Joseph’s...

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