We now have confirmation that on Sept. 14 three Catholic luminaries will share a stage at Fordham University. Cardinal Dolan and Stephen Colbert will present an evening focused on the relationship between faith and humor, and their dialogue will be moderated by James Martin, S.J. (award-winning author of Between Heaven and Mirth).The event is coming together through collaboration between the Department of Theology, the Curran Center for American Catholic Studies, the Fordham Center on Religion and Culture, the office of University Mission and Ministry, and the Office of the President.It promises to be a banner night for American Catholics, and one which will be shared widely through online video.More details to follow soon about "Rejoice, Always" on September 14!

Michael Peppard is associate professor of theology at Fordham University and on the staff of its Curran Center for American Catholic Studies. He is the author of The World's Oldest Church and The Son of God in the Roman World, and on Twitter @MichaelPeppard. He is a contributing editor to Commonweal.

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