Witnesses, choosing bishops, Woody's view


Thanks to Anonymous for sharing her thoughtful story (“Sins of Admission,” April 23) about her intellectual and spiritual growth into adulthood. Her expression of the effect of the catholic and universal nature of the church on her personal and family life is quite uplifting.

I am personally struggling with bitterness about the failure of the church to stand up for its best values because of what seems to me to be venal interest in transitory institutional power. This bitterness has kept me from participating in parish life in the way I used to.

Ironically, the current institutional attacks do not target me, my personal circumstances, or my own family in the ways that they have targeted Anonymous—and so I am humbled by her faithful search for equilibrium with the church’s teachings. I can only hope that reflecting on how much the journey and the resulting gifts of that journey have meant to her helps me become more hopeful and more active in my own practice.

Chicago, Ill.



Thank you, Anonymous, for your powerfully kind voice! Thank you for not giving up on our church with all...

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