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The Great Disruptor

Yesterday I participated in a conference titled "Erroneous Autonomy: The Catholic Case Against Libertarianism." The following is a lightly edited version of my remarks.

Winters on Catholic Libertarians

At the National Catholic Reporter, Michael Sean Winters makes the "Catholic Case against Libertarianism." Along the way, he remarks on the condescension of those who have attributed Pope Francis's bracing language about inequality to his South American ignorance of how we Americans do capitalism.


At Dissent, Michael Walzer sketches a foreign policy for the left: "no more shortcuts, no more pretending."

'A Second Guilt'

I hope that Jim Pauwels, Carlo Lancellotti, and others who have questions or objections after reading the short sample of our Cardinal Kasper interview below will read the whole interview here.

Strangest Strangeness

The Annunciation has been a favorite theme with painters, but it has also inspired a fair amount of poetry. Many poems about the Annunciation are really poems about paintings of the Annunciation.

Woody Allen, Nihilist

Over at the Week, Damon Linker argues that Woody Allen's bleak vision of the world would have given him no reason not to commit the terrible crime he's been accused of. Linker claims that Allen's films, as well as certain things Allen has said over the years, indicate that he is a nihilist, which leaves him without a warrant for morality.

American Exceptionalism, Luxury Division

I've been told all dotCommonweal bloggers are expected to post something about Ken Langone's recent remarks on the "hurdle" to fundraising Pope Francis may have unwittingly created by admonishing the rich.

Edward T. Oakes, S.J.

The theologian Fr. Edward T. Oakes, S.J., died on December 6 at the age of 65. An expert on the work of Hans Urs von Balthasar, Fr. Oakes was an immensely learned man. He could also write, as longtime readers of Commonweal will know. Among the many things he wrote for the magazine: this 2004 review of George M.