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Eric Bugyis teaches Religious Studies in the Division of Politics, Philosophy and Public Affairs at the University of Washington Tacoma.

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The Virtues of Disestablishment

Taking our eye off of healthcare for a moment, Andrew Sullivan calls attention to the analogous case of school curricula, as reported by Rachel Tabachnik:

Buckets of Mercy

I do believe / I do believe / I do believe This is the refrain that kicks off theDrive-By Truckers' most recent album,

Is Catholicism becoming a Sect?

The Atlantic has an interesting interview with Richard Sparks, a Chicago priest and bioethicist, who worries that conservative factions in the Church might be leading us out of the public sphere by insisting on being allowed to storm into the private.The background:

Selective Hearing?

Since they will apparently be taking to the streets this summer to defend freedom, one would expect the Bishops and their hordes to be particularly scrupulous when it comes to defending those poor souls who experience equal discrimination.

The Trials of Desire: Conversations in Honor of Denys Turner

If I might, I would like to interrupt these proceedings to bring you a special bulletin that may be of interest to dotCommonweal readers. In two weeks, a friend and I will be hosting a gathering of Professor Denys Turner's friends, students, and colleagues to mark his retirement from full-time teaching at Yale.

The Parallax of American Religion

A parallax is a change in the spatial orientation of an object when viewed from two different vantage points. By measuring the changes in the position of the observer and the spatial shift in the appearance of the object, one can calculate the distance to and between objects in space. These kinds of calculations are used in astronomy to calculate the distances to and between stars and planets, and it is also the way that we are able to perceive depth in our visual field.

Political "Catholicism," the Founders' "Religion," and the Emancipation of Women

Like Eduardo, I have become increasingly baffled by the nearly unanimous support among Catholic commentators of both "conservative" and "liberal" political persuasions for the Bishops' specious appeals to "religious freedom" protections in their rejection of the HSS contraception mandate.

Obama Defends Conscience

Yesterday, the Obama administration upheld the original provision for religious exemption in the Affordable Care Act by not extending it to religiously-affiliated organizations that employ non-adherents.

"Bad" Samaritans

TheNew York Times carried an article last week on the dispute that is emerging between Democrats in Congress and the White House over Obama's consideration of the Catholic bishops' appeal to widen the religious health care exemption to make it possible for non-ecclesial, religiously affiliated institutions (like Notre Dame) to deny contracepti