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His love endures forever.

                  —Psalm 136

also wrath because
opposites exist
though the brain
has no patience
with this —

denuded hills
slide seaward
ancient pines
buckle in flames
brackish waters
swill over
house tops —

nothing is safe
yet secure
in the brain case
the idea of safe


You are worth more than many sparrows

                          —Luke 12:7

He said and every word oscillates,
beginning with You, a shaky proposition,
and are, a temporary condition
and as for many sparrows, how many,
a few or star quantity?

At least the sparrows provide
some credibility, being visible like us,
also here for no apparent reason,
preoccupied with their business,
and just as hungry and clueless.

Published in the November 2022 issue: View Contents

Elizabeth Poreba is a retired New York City high-school English teacher. Her poems have appeared in Commonweal and the Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion among other journals. Wipf and Stock has published two collections of her work, Vexed and Self Help: A Guide for the Retiring. Her latest chapbook, New Lebanon, is available for advanced order at finishinglinepress.org. More of her work can be found at elizabethporeba.com.

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