the weal

the weal is Commonweal's community of young, literary-minded, politically engaged, and religiously curious friends. We started the weal to encourage conversation amongst young readers of Commonweal, and to make them aware of opportunities, whether it be internships, convocations, or even our own events. 

Here’s a brief history of how the weal came into being. 


Conversation and support are facilitated in several ways: 

-  Our newsletter features crowd-sourced articles from new voices with fresh perspectives, and recommends books, podcasts, and events. Subscribe to the newsletter here

-  The conversation continues in our Facebook group. Join now and chat with young Commonweal readers all over the country. Here you'll also find photos and details from past events, too. 

- To keep students engaged in the life of the magazine, we offer the College Subscription ProgramAs a recent graduate or student enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program, you can request a free Print* + Digital subscription to Commonweal. (More about that below.) 

-  And last but not least, in-person! More about our local reading groups to follow.  


In addition to our online presence, weal-ers are meeting up regularly in New York City, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. 

Young readers in New York meet at a bar in the East Village on the first Monday of every month for words & whiskey, where over a dram or two we talk about important works of writing on history, politics, theology, and culture. From time to time we also offer writing workshops, fun networking events, and special discounts to our own Commonweal programming. If you’re nearby, we’d like to meet you, invite you to lunch, or grab a drink at words and whiskey.


The “weal at CTU” is a young adult initiative between Commonweal and Catholic Theological Union. The group exists to provide spiritual fellowship to a growing community of young adult leaders, and to amplify the efforts of those leaders by connecting them with the work of other like-minded individuals and institutions in Chicago and in the local Church. Current students, alumni, and staff of CTU are well-represented in the group as are community partners in the Chicago archdiocese. Representative institutions from members of the “weal” include: archdiocese of Chicago Young Adult Ministry, Loyola University, Parish Peace Project, Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers, Loyola Academy, and the National Catholic Reporter. For more information about “the weal at CTU” or to express interest in participating, contact Zach Czaia.


Once a month, the D.C. weal invites the young (and young-at-heart) to join them for words & whiskey. Expect thoughtful conversation, reflection, and the chance to discuss works of writing on politics, theology and culture. Because D.C. boasts such a large young Catholic community, we are also able to share various local events and attend happy hours/networking events together. If you're in the area, we would love to meet you for words & whiskey (or just to hang out!). Email Gabriella Wilke for more info.


Don't see a group in your neck of the woods? If you have a hunch that there are other young folks in your area with whom you'd like to meet, we'd be glad to help you start a gathering in your city. 


For College Students 

As a student enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program, or a recent graduate, you can request a FREE Print* + Digital subscription to Commonweal. Submit this form to sign-up. 

This offer is available to current students only, and those who have completed an undergraduate or graduate degree program in the past three years.


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