What The Weal Is:

A network of young literary-minded, politically engaged, religiously confused friends of Commonweal Magazine. Find like-minded friends here.

The Weal has a few components.

1. We have a blog and we welcome submissions! Send them to theweal@commonwealmagazine.org.

2. We will be rolling out a podcast soon, so let us know what you'd like to hear discussed.

3. The Weal is currently based in NYC, and we will continue to host meet-ups for those in the network to get to know one another.

To keep up with everything we have going on, like us on Facebook and subscribe to our mailing list.

Contact us: theweal@commonwealmagazine.org


Past Events

Writing Workshop | How to Write About Spirituality
Photos here.

Writing Workshop | Writing Online with Digital Editor, Dominic Preziosi
Photos here.

December 2, 2014, Drinks with the Editors
Photos here.

October 14th, Peter Quinn's Banished Children of Eve Book Reading

October 27th, Commonweal's 90th Anniversary Dinner
Photos here.

July 29th, Cocktail Hour @ the Commonweal Office
Photos here.

June 29th, Kickoff Happy Hour @Heartland Brewery
Photos here.