No, not the latest pronouncement from that revanchist pope of ours (that's meant as a joke, and is not to be taken literally)...Rather, it's the latest marketing slogan from Starbucks. I live in perhaps the last Brooklyn neighborhood without a Starbucks (yes, I'm bragging), so just spotted this at the Christian Century blog, Theolog.Adam Copeland wonders:
There are plenty of rituals in our congregations too, but many of them fail to welcome as well as some coffee shops. Do our churches judge visitors before they walk in the door? Do our congregations offer rituals that feed and connect to the present day or ones that merely echo past significance?Are we seeking to make new rituals in our sacred places of worship, welcoming folks by name, hosting groups, sharing free meals? Or are we selling God short?
I dunno. But I doubt God would charge $5 for a cup of danged coffee.

David Gibson is the director of Fordham’s Center on Religion & Culture.

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