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A couple of notes from the David GibsonDepartment of Self-Promotion:Not that you need another website to check out, but Ihave begun covering Benedict's visit for Beliefnet at the aptly named blog,"Benedictions". It is, of course, the only papal visit blog you'll ever need...We also have a Pope Page dedicated to all manner of bits and bytes and things papal, as well as a survey that you all are invited to take--or critique here, as the case may be. Feedback always welcome.Also, if you are in the vicinity of Syracuse University next Tuesday afternoon, April 1st (no April Fool's jokes, please--too easy), I'll be the guest of Gustav Niebuhr and the Religion & Society Program to talk about the pope's upcoming visit. The talk (as much Q&A as lecture) is free and open to the public. It will run from 3:30-4:50 pm on the 1st floor of the E.S. Bird Library at the Peter Graham Scholarly Commons.Stop by and say everything that the moderator of this blog prevents you from writing!

David Gibson is a national reporter for Religion News Service and author of The Coming Catholic Church (HarperOne) and The Rule of Benedict (HarperOne). He blogs at dotCommonweal.

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