I'm getting married in nine days, so lately I've been reading a lot of poems about love and marriage. 

Here's some John Ciardi for everyone to enjoy. . .

In Species, Darling by Ciardi

In species, darling, consider how the whale,
a cousin of a sort, once paddled,
as we did yesterday, in summer shallows,

and then went deep. It did not tire, as we did,
of salt that first braced and then stung.
Something called it out and us back,

each to the thing nearest its happiness
as each finds it. I thank you for my kind
against the belittling sea. In idiom

one says, "I love you." Idiom, however,
is the skin of meaning. At whole body depth
we are tropisms, the way each species has

of turning toward some things and away from others.
I turn to you and tremble to a balance.
Or turn and tip to that beam-breaking sea.

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