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Thank you for the Last Word by Damian Barry Smyth (“Fitting Service,” January 28). I was fascinated by the history of this document and researched comments on women in the diaconate in the Eastern churches. I’d like to know what the Roman hierarchy has to say about this—surely it has been known for centuries. My research indicates that the document is the Codex Barberini Gr. 336. Smyth refers to it as “366”; the correct reference would aid anyone else looking for further information.

Joseph J. Koechler
Ormond Beach, Fla.



Rev. John F. Tuohey (“A Fatal Conflict,” January 28) notes that when the U.S. bishop’s Committee on Doctrine issued a statement on the dilation and curettage performed at an Arizona Catholic hospital in November 2009, it cited a hypothetical maternal-fetal conflict to...

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