• Read the official Vatican text of the encyclical in English.
  • Read an analysis by the Rev. Drew Christiansen, SJ,editor of the Jesuit weekly America, titled "The Economy of Grace."
  • Read an analysis by John L. Allen, Jr., of National Catholic Reporter titled "Pope proposes a 'Christian humanism' for the global economy."
  • Read an analysis by the Rev. Thomas Reese, SJ, posted at The Washington Post site.
  • Read coverage by Catholic News Service's Vatican bureau.
  • Read commentary at InsideCatholic by Deal Hudsontitled "Benedict XVI Tightens Up the Church's Social Teaching."
  • The Acton Institute, which is headed by the Rev. Robert Sirico, has reactions.
  • And Yours Truly's take at PoliticsDaily.com titled, "The Pope Is a Liberal. Who Knew?"
  • ONE MORE: At Mirror of Justice, Rick Garnett critiques my critique in a well-balanced piece (IMHO)
  • David Gibson is the director of Fordham’s Center on Religion & Culture.

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