Slate's William Saletan has a few choice words for one section of Dignitas personae:
This document covers several interesting topics, which I hope to get to in the days ahead. But the one that calls for rebuttal right away is the section on "[n]ew forms of interception and contragestation." It says:
Alongside methods of preventing pregnancy which are, properly speaking, contraceptive, that is, which prevent conception following from a sexual act, there are other technical means which act after fertilization, when the embryo is already constituted, either before or after implantation in the uterine wall.Such methods are interceptive if they interfere with the embryo before implantation and contragestative if they cause the elimination of the embryo once implanted.
This is an astute and useful set of distinctions. Unfortunately, the CDF immediately proceeds to violate them.
Read the rest here. (H/T Douthat--whose comment on this deserves your time.)

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