Say It Ain't So, Jo...


I want you to know that your last two issues have struck me as more superb than usual. Congratulations to staff and contributors for such excellence!

Let me comment on one writer, Jo McGowan, whom I have long appreciated. Her column on the nonordination of women in our church (“Hiatus,” June 4) was honest, heartfelt, and on the mark.

I don’t believe John Paul II has backed future popes or councils into a corner by his declarations on that subject, any more than the Council of Florence did by its stated “dogma” that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church. Males are no more the sole icons of “Jesus the priest” than are women the sole icons of the “bride of Christ”; otherwise, there could be no baptized laymen! I hope that McGowan can bring herself to return to the Eucharist pretty soon, even though it is presided over only by males for the foreseeable future. The Spirit who moved Peter and Paul (re: circumcision) is still breathing.

Tracy, Calif.



As a friendly but sometimes bemused onlooker outside the Roman Catholic Church, I’m...

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