The religious liberty campaign is not partisan. Really.

Father Andrew Kemberling of the aptly-named Church of St. Thomas More in Centennial, Colorado, was asked to give the invocation at the Colorado Republican State Assembly and Convention in Denver in April, and his parish recently posted the video of that talk. It is pinging around the Interwebs.I'm not sure why. Father Andrew swears he is not being partisan, and after all, he's just talking about religious freedom. Oh, and gay marriage. And its connection to the socialist threat. And about how "conscience and private property are not human ideas -- they come from God." And they are being threatened.Money quote: "Socialism is a foreign threat to our democracy! I am tired of this experiment and I hope you are, too!"Check it out. Maybe the CDF should as well?

David Gibson is the director of Fordham’s Center on Religion & Culture.

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