Those who pay attention to the roster of folks responsible for editing Commonweal will have noticed the addition of a name to the masthead. Maurice Timothy Reidy has joined the magazine as associate editor. Tim, as he is known, is not an unfamiliar face at 475 Riverside Drive. When he was a student at Columbia Journalism School, Tim worked at Commonweal as an intern. At that time, he published a well-received profile of Kevin Doyle, the New York State capital defender charged with representing those who might be sentenced to death. He would also regale us with stories about Reidys’, the restaurant his family ran for many years in midtown Manhattan.

After graduating from Columbia, Tim went through a period of exile, known as the Hartford Captivity, working as a reporter for the Hartford Courant. A Bronx native and Fordham Prep and Princeton graduate, he longed to return to New York City. The fact that his wife, Kim, is a resident in pediatrics at New York Presbyterian Hospital also helped persuade him to abandon the well-tended lawns of Connecticut and return to the Commonweal fold. It’s good to have him back.

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