(Eiliv-Sonas Aceron/Unsplash)

Snow falling:
I brought some home to her
Late yesterday
(Figment of my imagination)
she had a taste
Which I was asked to satiate
This extra-large piece of Italian dessert
she eats now in bed with an espresso
And summons me to come and see
how much they gave her—a generous helping—
My love a tiramisu in the lap of luxury 
it makes me happy to see her so 

I salivate myself like you, Walter
On a morning white and creamy like the topping
On a lady’s finger—the freshly
Fallen snow
Flakes of cocoa and the taste of amaretto.

Stephen Rybicki is a poet and academic librarian on the faculty of Macomb Community College, and the author of the reference work, Abbreviations: A Reverse Guide to Standard and Generally Accepted Abbreviated Forms. He lives in Romeo, Michigan.

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