Poem | The Migratory Birds

Fearless and warm, we stayed until
A new time swept around the hill.

The sky, so turbulent, so squalid,
Might just as well be frozen solid.

One hour, to fill all hours with pain:
Whirlpools of sleet, breakers of rain.

My head is bent in unbelief:
Nothing will come to my relief

To brood a numb and stuttering heart,
As if God set my life apart.

The tucked-up leg, the wing unfurled
Are broken on the wheel of the world.

About the Author

Sarah Ruden’s most recent book is Paul Among the People (Image Books). She has translated four books of classical literature (among them the Aeneid) and is the author of Other Places, a book of poetry. She is a visiting scholar at Wesleyan University and lives with her husband in Middleton, Connecticut.

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