New stories now featured on our homepage: The editors on President Obama's troubling approach to the use of drones, and Charles R. Morris on high spending on health care.From the editorial:

It is both sobering and disheartening to learn that it was only the prospect of a President Romney ordering drone attacks that pushed [Barack] Obama to recognize that he himself needs to be more constrained by the law when making such life-and-death decisions. Administration sources told the New YorkTimes that, in light of the election results, codifying standards and procedures for the use of drones is no longer an urgent concern. Such thinking is hubris of a very dangerous kind. Rules for using unmanned drones need to be carefully laid out, vetted by both the Justice Department and Congress, and then made public. Americans need to know what is being done in their name.

Read the whole thing here.Meanwhile, in Better, Cheaper, Easier, Morris examines how the very effectiveness of modern health care affects the costs vs. spending equation.

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