I posted recently on the demise of my alma mater, Nazareth High School in Brooklyn, N.Y.Remarkably, the Daily News now reports: "More than 2,500 Nazareth High School alumni have flooded the East Flatbush institution with offers of help to keep it from closing including two from former students willing to cut checks for $3 million each, officials said."Money would not solve all problems - but it would go a long way if it can be used to lower the tuition or increase financial aid to attract more students, especially those who might otherwise try the city's taxpayer-funded charter schools. The school is definitely worth saving. Is it possible?

Paul Moses is the author, most recently, of The Italian Squad: The True Story of the Immigrant Cops Who Fought the Rise of the Mafia (NYU Press, 2023). He is a contributing writer. Twitter: @PaulBMoses.

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