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Earth-shattering news in biblical archeology:

JERUSALEM (AP) -- Scripture scholars on Tuesday announced the discovery of a tattered but still legible Post-it Note that is at least 3,000 years old and appears to be a shopping list that includes the words "thick cut Canadian bacon" among the items.The provenance and authorship of the list was uncertain and shrouded in mystery. But scholars say that if authentic, the document could upend the history of Jewish dietary laws and raise serious doubts about the authority of sacred scripture.

Wow.Oh yes, and there was another interesting discovery today -- a tiny papyrus fragment, maybe just possibly from the third century, of unknown ownership and provenance, that seems to be a "gospel" in which Jesus talks about his wife and says she could be a "disciple." The good news, of course, is that at least he didn't say she could be a priest.From the NYT report about Karen King's announcement, delivered in a paper in Rome at a Coptic scholars conference at the Augustinianum:

The provenance of the papyrus fragment is a mystery, and its owner has asked to remain anonymous. Until Tuesday, Dr. King had shown the fragment to only a small circle of experts in papyrology and Coptic linguistics, who concluded that it is most likely not a forgery. But she and her collaborators say they are eager for more scholars to weigh in and perhaps upend their conclusions.

Look, it isn't like they unearthed a video of Jesus talking to a bunch of fundraisers. I don't think it's a game-changer for biblical studies and church teaching on celibacy. But still, ya know.

David Gibson is a national reporter for Religion News Service and author of The Coming Catholic Church (HarperOne) and The Rule of Benedict (HarperOne). He blogs at dotCommonweal.

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