A video released by ISIS yesterday appears to show the execution of Ethiopian Christians in Libya, placed amid a larger narrative of the fate of Christians under ISIS rule. This New York Times article gives background on ISIS's presence in Libya, as well as details on the video's propaganda. 

The Shroud of Turin went on display on Sunday for the first time in five years. The Wall Street Journal looks at the veneration of relics within Catholicism. 

Ross Douthat has a long article in The Atlantic on Pope Francis's position between the divisions in the church, and his "quest for balance." As we've seen from his New York Times column, Douthat is concerned about Francis deepening divisions rather than reconciling them.

The New Yorker has an extensive reported piece on the extortion of migrants, a market that lives "in the shadows of our fierce immigration debate."

Marco Rubio describes himself as an orthodox Catholic, but the Daily Beast suggests his is a patchwork faith, similar to many Americans.

Maria Bowler is the former assistant digital editor of Commonweal. 

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