The Magdalene, the mosque & marriage


I enjoyed Robert Kiely’s very interesting and thorough overview of the historical identity of Mary Magdalene and, in particular, of the various it has been saids about John 20:17, “noli me tangere” (“Picturing the Magdalene,” September 10). I did miss, however, one possible translation of the original Greek text. Since the Greek verb haptein also means “to hold back,” the original phrase mê mou haptou from the Gospel of John, which was written in Greek, is perhaps better translated as “cease holding me back.” Jesus says to Mary: “Stop holding me back, but go, tell the disciples…”

Larry N. Lorenzoni, SDB
San Francisco, Calif.



I have mixed feelings about your editorial “Groundless” (September 10). I support Islam’s right to religious tolerance and the protection of law. An American can do nothing else. But...

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