Letters | Chatting with Francis, the church & the Jews


Your “Chat with Pope Francis” (November 15) was a great spoof! Warmest congratulations to the editors. The introductory sentence alone is a gem—from the three translations to the discarded copy and the final reconstruction “from memory.” And the note in the zucchetto—blessing it and tossing it back—priceless. I’m still laughing out loud over the lines “I picked up so many bad habits in my Jesuit days” and “Please, call me Frank.” One more reason to love being Catholic. Who else can fully enjoy this marvelous writing? I suspect Pope Francis himself would be your greatest fan. Only in Commonweal would this be possible. The editors deserve a raise—but then, at Commonweal that would be impossible.

Adele Legere

Chicago, Ill.


Text & Context

In his long, appreciative, yet in places critical review of David Nirenberg’s Anti-Judaism: The Western Tradition (“Through a Glass Darkly,” September 27), John Connelly rightly insists on the importance of “context” in interpreting ideas and...

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