The legacy of Vatican II, the safety of fracking

Lay Hands

Regarding “Bishops or Branch Managers?” by John Wilkins (October 12): What’s so interesting about the books and articles being published around the anniversary of Vatican II is that most continue to view the church from the perspective of its clerics. While the debate about the relationship between pope and bishop, universal church and local church,  continues at the academic level, the Body of Christ is made present and active in its mission in history by the witness of the baptized, the lay church. Because of Vatican II, especially its reform of the liturgy, all the church’s members, women and men alike, recognize themselves to be true, full ecclesial persons. In this they are formed and continually strengthened by their regular participation in the Eucharist. One of the signal achievements of Vatican II, perhaps not directly intended, was to place the church’s future in lay hands. But really, hasn’t that always been the case?

Georgia Keightley

Alexandria, Va.

The Council & The Catechism

The cynical article “Bishops or Branch Managers?” accuses John Paul II and Benedict XVI of undermining the Second...

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