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Levels Of Translation

Rita Ferrone’s critique of the new English translation of the Roman Missal (“It Doesn’t Sing,” July 15) is an expert reflection on its difficulties. The specific virtues and failings of the translation are one legitimate concern. The manner in which this translation was imposed on English-speaking Catholics may be of greater concern.

I will do all I can to smoothly introduce and reverently pray the new translation. I will also keep in mind that its promulgation, while canonically legitimate, does not seem ecclesiologically so. For the sake of unity in communion we should implement this translation of the missal, even though the same principle of communion was at times violated in its development and adoption.

Robert J. O’Donnell, CSP
Minneapolis, Minn.


The Big Freeze

Thank you for printing Rita Ferrone’s “It Doesn’t Sing” and Fr. Nonomen’s “Up against the Wall” (...

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