That's Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan on the cover of the latest Commonweal. Peter Quinn reviews three recent biographies -- one of Sullivan and two of Emily Dickinson -- and finds common threads, particularly the importance of Irish "help" in the lives and achievements of Dickinson and Keller.Also free for all to read:* Lawyer Joseph D. Becker weighs in on the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision and its likely effects: "Corporate Mischief"* The Editors respond to the USCCB's recent statement on the health-care-reform debate: "Catholic Unity"There's lots more in this issue: * The Editors on Israel's self-destructive policies: "What Are Friends For?"* Michael W. Higgins on Canadian writer David Adams Richards: "Rebel with a Cause"* Jo McGowan on how opposition to sex-selective abortions might foster a broader prolife perspective: "The Unwanted"* Recommendations for Summer Reading from Valerie Sayers, Santiago Ramos, Colin McEnroe, and Lauretta O'Connor* A "Last Word" essay by Anthony Andreassi on life as a teacher and a priest: "In Transit"And more. Non-subscribers, take note: Commonweal makes a great traveling companion and fits very nicely into a beach tote. Subscribe now and read it in print as well as on the Web.

Mollie Wilson O’​Reilly is editor-at-large and columnist at Commonweal.

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