January 29 issue, now online

Our "Contemporary Theology" issue is on our Web site now. Free for everyone to read:* Russel Murray, OFM, wonders whether Anglicanorum coetibus signals a return to "Come home to Rome"-style outreach: "A New Ecumenism"* Our editorial argues that abortion shouldn't be the issue that holds up health-care legislation: Prolife, Yes, and Pro-reform"* Film critic Richard Alleva's review of Avatar: "Pokahokum"Subscribers can log in to read David Gibson's profile of theologian David Tracy, "God-obsessed." The issue's book reviews are also theology-focused: Donald Senior, CP, reviews volume 4 of John P. Meier's study of Jesus, A Marginal Jew; Bernard G. Prusak reviews Hans Jonas's Memoirs and Benjamin Lazier's God Interrupted; Paul J. Griffiths reviews Gary A. Anderson's Sin: A History; Terrence Tilley reviews Nicholas Lash's Theology for Pilgrims; and Christiana Z. Peppard reviews Thomas Berry's The Sacred Universe.Plus: columns by E.J. Dionne and John Garvey, letters, and a "Last Word" essay on traveling in Syria.Finally, an advance look at our next issue: Melinda Henneberger's timely column on why health-care reform is worth the political price.(Speaking of things that are worth the price: you can't go wrong with a subscription to Commonweal!)

Mollie Wilson O’​Reilly is editor-at-large and columnist at Commonweal.

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