Ignatieff's conversion

I agree that it is most gratifying to see Michael Ignatieff change his mind on the U.S. war on/in Iraq. It is instructive to note, however, that the party of which he is now Deputy Leader had made very clear its opposition to the war from the outset under Prime Minister Jean Chretien. During Ignatieff's own run for leadership of the Liberal party, following the hapless interregnum of Paul Martin, he was confronted on several occasions because of his hawkish views, views which he did not entirely disown, only safely nuance. Now that the leadership of the party appears to be increasingly unsteady in the hands of Stephane Dion, we appear to be getting the "conversion" many had yearned for earlier.

Michael W. Higgins is Distinguished Professor of Catholic Thought Emeritus at Sacred Heart University, and president/principal of St. Mark’s and Corpus Christi Colleges, University of British Columbia. His most recent book is The Church Needs the Laity: The Wisdom of John Henry Newman (Paulist Press, 2021).

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