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Regarding Richard Cohen’s review “Burns. Tom Burns.” (September 24): It is to the great credit of my friend and former Financial Times colleague, Jimmy Burns, that in Papa Spy he makes no secret of his father’s attraction—even engouement—to British and Spanish high society. Yet Tom’s aristocratic tendencies, clear to anyone who observed him editing the Tablet, were never haughty. Thinking back to the parties he gave in the flat he and his wife Mabel occupied overlooking Westminster Cathedral, I recall the fun of meeting such men as Graham Greene, but also the humble side of a man with a heart of gold. 

Hugh O’Shaughnessy
London, U.K.



Regarding “Tacking toward the Truth: The Wisdom of Cardinal Newman” by Joseph A. Komonchak (September 24): I am not Catholic, but that has not stopped...

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