A Far From Steynless Rant

The Belgian-Canadian polemicist and American resident Mark Steyn has set his face firmly against the Saracen hordes of Europe. His new jeremiad, America Alone, outlines in fearful detail the dread consequences of an over-reproducing Muslim community settled in the very heart of a post-Christian continent. Steyn's alarmist summons to arms, over simplification of complex geo-political realities, blatant appeals to nativist and xenophobic sympathies, and undiluted "redneckery" makes for disturbing reading. He is also an enthralling and clever writer who should be read for his prose and not for the cogency of his arguments. 

Michael W. Higgins is Distinguished Professor of Catholic Thought Emeritus at Sacred Heart University, and president/principal of St. Mark’s and Corpus Christi Colleges, University of British Columbia. His most recent book is The Church Needs the Laity: The Wisdom of John Henry Newman (Paulist Press, 2021).

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