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Awhile ago, I wrote about David Stacton's The Judges of the Secret Court. Stacton was an incredibly prolific and versatile author: he wrote historical fiction and poetry, Westerns and murder mysteries, even some gay pornography. In a 1963 Time article, Stacton was listed as one of the ten most promising young American writers of the time; others on the list included Ralph Ellison, Philip Roth, John Updike, Joseph Heller, and Walker Percy. Fate has not been kind to Stacton. His novels have long been out of print, and few people (including myself) have read anything beyond The Judges of the Secret Court.Stacton fans now have reason to hope, however. Several of Stacton's novels have now been made available through the Faber Finds imprint, which Faber & Faber has launched in the hopes of "bringing great writing back into print." Two of Stacton's novels--The Self-Enchanted and A Fox Inside--are now available in print-on-demand or ebook format, and more titles will appear in the coming months. (Thanks to Robert Nedelkoff for the heads up.) Faber Finds already includes hundreds of books, everything from W. H. Auden's edited collection ofNineteenth-Century Minor Poets to H. G. Wells's Utopian novel Men Like Gods to Lionel Davidson's Kolymsky Heights. It's a wonderful initiative, one that will hopefully give neglected writers like Stacton a chance to find new readers.

Anthony Domestico is Chair of the Literature Department at Purchase College, and a frequent contributor to Commonweal. His book Poetry and Theology in the Modernist Period is available from Johns Hopkins University Press.

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