Did the voters really get it right?

I know it's not the sort of thing the president or any Democrat can be heard saying, but might it be that the voters got it wrong? Or that they did a valid thing for the wrong reasons?I mean, just because the lowbrows of the Tea Party have decided that Keynesian economics doesn't make sense--that doesn't mean they're right. If they declared tomorrow that the sun rises in the West, would everyone feel too abashed to say, "That's wrong"?Just because the voters couldn't distinguish between $700 billion spent to stimulate an economy in cardiac arrest back to life and the $5 trillion of debt added over the previous eight years for two wars, tax cuts and an assortment of other wants--that doesn't mean there isn't a valid difference that needs to be pointed out and explained.Just because voters couldn't understand that health care unreformed would be a greater drag on the economy than health care reform could ever be--that doesn't mean you roll over and accept that judgment without refuting it.I, for one, am glad to see the Republicans now at least partially in charge in the nation's capital. Now they'll have to explain how they'll reduce the deficit while insisting on $700 billion of tax cuts for people at the top of the income scale. They'll need to explain how cutting the deficit now, while the economy is limping along, is consistent with getting the nation back to growth. It's never a bad thing to have carpers forced to take some responsibility.And while it's small consolation to those Democrats who bit the dust yesterday, they can know this much at least: Had they done nothing--no stimulus, no health care, no financial regulatory reform--they still would have gone down to defeat. But they'd have done it in the midst of a depression, not an anemic recovery.

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