Dawkins and the anti-religious press

Richard Dawkins, Oxford professor of science and bestselling author of books of militant atheism, has not received the warmest of welcomes in the media for his latest effort to persuade you that religion is nonsensical, The God Delusion. The New York Times didn't recommend it. Neither did the London Review of Books. And in a stroke of editorial genius, Harper's--a magazine not exactly known for its warm feelings toward religion--assigned the book to the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Gilead, Marilynne Robinson, who, I think it's safe to say, quietly sent it out to pasture.

In a time when myriad commentators repeat the opinion that the secular media operates with a nearly explicit anti-religious bias, what are we make of it when the Atheist-in-Chief finds it difficult to get his anti-religious instruction manual positively reviewed in the anti-religious press?

Grant Gallicho joined Commonweal as an intern and was an associate editor for the magazine until 2015. 

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