We've just wrapped up our March 26 issue, but we thought you'd like to see the editorial right away. Our take on the "prolife" push to halt the Senate health-care reform bill is online here.

One needs a good reason to oppose a bill that would cover 30 million uninsured Americans and greatly improve insurance for those who already have it. If the Senate bill did clearly authorize the federal government to pay for elective abortions, prolife Americans might have such a reason. To conclude the bill does this, however, requires one to believe that every ambiguityevery possible complication the bill doesnt explicitly addressis a ploy by prochoice politicians to sneak abortion funding into the system. President Barack Obama and his partys leadership have promised the bill wont be used in this way. Their critics instruct us to presume that theyre lying.

Read the whole thing.

Mollie Wilson O’​Reilly is editor-at-large and columnist at Commonweal.

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