Over at the Book Bench blog at The New Yorker, there is a posting about Cormac McCarthys typewriter, an Olivetti Lettera 32, being sold at auction for $254,500. Apparently, McCarthy typed every book he has written on this typewriter. I hope the fact that he sold the typewriter doesnt mean that he plans to stop writing. But it wouldnt surprise me. I was never attached to a typewriter in this way, but I wouldnt give up my fountain pens for love or money. Alas, I dont use my pens as much as I would like, but I always pull one out if I am suffering writers block. I also think my best writing has always been done with a fountain pen. My current favorite is a relatively inexpensive Aurora that I bought in Rome a few years ago. But if anyone is wondering what to get me for Christmas, an old Parker 51 would be lovely.Do you have a favorite pen or typewriter? Has a particular pen changed your life? I would love to hear your writing stories.

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