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Engagement or Retreat?

Our problem as Catholics isn’t that same-sex marriage somehow uniquely represents Western society’s recent turns; our problem is those turns themselves.

Engagement or Retreat?

The church should revise its attitude toward same-sex relationships; American Catholics should accept recognition of same-sex marriage because they are Catholics.

Engagement or Retreat?

It's one thing to urge the church to prepare for political defeat on same-sex marriage, another to say it should preemptively cease to even make the argument.

What Sanctions Did to Iraq

Earlier this year eight Iraqi students between the ages of eighteen and twenty-three read the debate in Commonweal about the sanctions imposed on Iraq from 1990 to...

History, Hope & iPhones

Robert P. Imbelli I have long admired Andrew J. Bacevich’s writings. His style is limpid and often eloquent. His analyses are penetrating and challenging. One does...

The Audience

I respect Peter Quinn’s work, but along with Dimitri Cavalli (Letters, May 7), I must object to his treatment of the proposed canonization of Pius XII (“Why the...

Corporate Mischief

Even before the McCain-Feingold Law of 2002, federal law prohibited corporations from using their own funds (their “treasury funds”) to make direct contributions or...

Courageous Witness?

Robert P. Imbelli Few areas in contemporary Catholic theology are as challenging and important as interreligious dialogue. One of the leading American voices in...

The Vatican & Artificial Nutrition and Hydration

William E. May The February 13 issue of Commonweal featured an article by the Consortium of Jesuit Bioethics Programs, “Undue Burden? The Vatican & Artificial...

Suffering, Silence & Holy Week

In the face of an atrocity, the comforts of prayer and piety can look not only empty but obscene. This was always true, but after the Holocaust it became a truism....

Sex, Religion & Prop 8

The vote on California’s Proposition 8 in the November election shocked and dismayed the gay community—and surprised others who thought it was a shoo-in vote for...

Women & the Priesthood

Sara Butler   Why not ordain women? In the April 11 issue of Commonweal, Robert J. Egan, SJ, invites readers to look again at this question. Egan doubts that “...
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