Commonweal's Shiny New Spinoff

Commonweal this week is launching its rather handsome new iPad edition. You can buy single issues or an annual subscription for about the same price as the traditional print flavor. (If you already subscribe to Commonweal in print or on the Web, youll have to pay separately for the iPad edition at least for now.) There is only one current issue available for purchase at the moment, but all future issues (and a variety of past ones) will be there eventually.

Some troublemakers in the office are whispering that Commonweal looks much better on the iPad than it ever did in print.Now that Commonweal is (digitally speaking) available all over the place, I wanted to hear from dotCommonweal readers about where and how you are reading magazines in general these days, and Commonweal in particular. Suggestions for our website, e-mail newsletters, or any of our various editions of the magazine? Heres your chance.And to those dotCommonweal readers who are not subscribing to Commonweal at all what do we still have to do to convince you?

Thomas Baker is the publisher of Commonweal

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