Climate change, confession, contraception, etc.

But Why?

‘Global Suicide Pact’” (March 23) was a fine introduction to some of the basic data, facts and projections about climate change. This is valuable material. Still, I wish you had also published an article that delivered what the subtitle promised: an inquiry into why we don’t take climate change more seriously.

This is an important cultural, political, and theological issue. It presents a profound moral challenge to all of us. Consideration of such questions is exactly what I look to Commonweal for. I hope that you will return to this vitally important question in future issues, and bring the sophisticated, critical attention of your authors to bear on it.

Kevin J. O’Brien
Tacoma, Wash.

No Simple Sacrament

In contrast to occasional pleadings from the pulpit that simply urge us to go back to confession, the trio of articles titled “The Floating Sacrament” (April 6) reminds us of the larger picture. The authors’ insights resonated with my experience. I have found that a truly revitalizing confession depends substantially on the priest. Bringing...

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