A number of years ago, my family visited friends in Florida who took us to Celebration, the town that Disney built. (Visit Celebrations website here.)  Our friends had worked with a carpenter who told them the story of how he been on a job in Celebration when the community was being completed and houses were first on the market.  He pulled up to the house on which he was working and was approached by a man walking a dog.  The dog walker wanted to know whether the carpenter was his replacement.  Apparently, Disney was paying people to walk dogs around the town so that it would have the feel of a neighborhood.

I thought about this story recently when I read of the struggle that has erupted to keep Ave Maria School of Law from moving from Ann Arbor, Michigan to Ave Maria, Florida.  Read about the controversy here.

Ave Maria School of Law is, of course, the creation of Thomas Monaghan, the former owner of Dominos Pizza, whose more recent adventures include building Ave Maria University  and the town of Ave Maria, Floridaboth intended to be enclaves of Catholic culture separate from the surrounding secular society.

I cant help wondering if the faculty of Ave Maria School of Law in Ann Arbor, Michigan dont want to move to Ave Maria, Florida because they dont want to live in a town where actors wearing clerical garb may be roaming the streets.


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